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Favorite Virtual Lapdance Babes

Penthouse Pet Brooke Bradford looking absolutely stunning in her virtual lap dance video

Brooke Bradford lookin' pretty

Brooke Bradford looking pretty

Brooke Bradford grinding her sexy ass.

Brooke Bradford grinding her sexy hips!

Brooke Bradford exposing her panties.

Oohh...Brooke Bradford can stay just like that all day.. I won't mind :)

Brooke Bradford topless.

Topless Brooke Bradford seductively looking over her shoulder
Brooke Bradford Virtual Lap Dance "The new fragrance" brought to you by the gorgeous Brooke Bradford.

Sexy Kelsey welcoming you as the captain of the Raging Nymph

Kelsey in her marine uniform.
Kelsey looking into the camera
Kelsey exposing her sexy panties.
Kelsey topless!
Kelsey's Virtual Lap Dance "As captain of the Raging Nympth, I'd like to give you a very..warm welcome." Kelsey's your navy captain and she knows just how to make a skipper feel at home! Enjoy Kelsey's hot exotic looks and her charming voice in this sexy virtual lapdance preview!

Jezebelle Bond as your all-too-sexy "Ice Princess"

Jezebelle Bond in white.
Jezebelle Bonde getting intimate.
Jezebelle Bond licking a hard nipple.
Jezebelle Bonde looking into the camera.
Jezebelle Bond Virtual Lap Dance "They call me the ice princess..."

Virtual Lap Dance Updates

  • June 21, 2005 - Added a few more virtual lap dance videos
  • April 30, 2005 - Added a higher quality version of Prisoner of Zana and Penny Flame videos.

danni ashe

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Virtual Lap Dance Video Features

penny flame picPenny Flame Virtual Lap Dance "I don't feel sexy at all! Can YOU ge me in the mood?" Penny Flame is modeling in a photo shoot but she just can't get into it...until the camera man "inspires" her and then things get out of control! One of my favorite Penny Flame videos. zana videosPrisoner of Zana Another super hot Zana extravaganza. The complete version of this virtual lap dance at 1000kbps will just completely blow your mind. Sorry I don't have it but this clip should give you a taste :)
penthouse pet aimee sweet moviesAimee Sweet Virtual Lap Dance 2 "Stop! I'm gonna have to check you for weapons." Aimee Sweet orders you to stop in her space suit so she can frisk you! Dita Von TeeseDita Von Tesse Virtual Lap Dance "Welcome to the virtual fantasy generator!"
Holly Hollywood virtual lapdance videoHolly Hollywood Virtual Lap Dance "Wanna find my pot of gold?" Pornstar Taylor St. Claire virtual lapdance videoTaylor St. Claire Virtual Lap Dance "Ok, lets hit the showers :) "
Monika virtual lap dance videoMonika's Virtual Lap Dance "Please Polinate Me!" Monika's a "flower" searching for the right "bee." Her English isn't all that but she's got a body to kill for. Watch Monika as she breaks free of her see-thru yellow bra and thong. Laurie Wallace virtual lapdanceLaurie Wallace's Virtual Lap Dance 2 "It's about time you got here. Let's get this honeymoon started." Laurie Wallace is your virgin bride and you get to be her first! What a fantasy to live out.
kira reed virtual lap dance movie clipKira Reed's Virtual Lap Dance "So, hows the wet-suit fit, skipper? It looks a little...loose!" Kira Reed's ready to take a little dip in the ocean, but before she goes for her swim, she has a few things she likes to show you...I dunno, Kira Reed's boobs just drive me nuts. kyli ryan virtual lapdance trailerKyli Ryan's Virtual Lap Dance 2 Kyli Ryan plays the sultry Egyption in this virtual lap dance preview. Her tanned complexion, dark hair and that Cleopatra gettup really suits her. Plus the body she's got underneath there is just amazing!
asian pornstar kiana virtual lapdance previewKiana's Virtual Lap Dance "You're gonna dream about Kiana." Kiana in "I Dream of Jeanie" costume that'll just about make you blow your load. Her impressive set of breasts plus her sultry face all wrapped up in that Jeanie outfit can really get locked into your mind. busty uk MILF Lorna Morgan virtual lapdance preview courtesy of danni asheLorna Morgan's Virtual Lap Dance "I have some lovely candy canes!" Hot British MILF Lorna Morgan shows off her huge boobs hanging out of her Santa Claus costume as another babe squeezes her tits.
Penthouse Pet Aimee Sweet virtual lapdance trailerAimee Sweet Virtual Lapdance Aimee Sweet looks hot in her ballerina costume. She does a few dance moves and then soon enough she gets hot and nasty. blonde lesbian pornstar janine lindemulder virtual lapdance videoJanine Lindemulder's Virtual Lap Dance "I got a little present for you." Janine Lindemulder in her red silk dress and rose tattoo lap dancing for you. Can't get much better than that!
B movie star Shauna Obrien virtual lap dance movie clipShauna O'Brien Virtual Lapdance "Attention solder! I'm going to do a lap dance for you and you're gonna like it!" Shauna O'brien is your drill seargent and she forces you to submit to her lap dance. Softcore busty model Erica Campbell virtual lapdanceErica Campbell's Virtual Lap Dance 2 "I know how to get you up." Erica Campbell does her best to wake her friend out of bed. But nothing is working! Then a great idea strikes her! A nice lap dance and her friend should be awake in no time! Right?

The Virtual Lap Dance Archive

Zana's Virtual Lap Dance "Press enter to begin" Zana is your virtual vixen that comes alive with a vengeance! Tall blonde full-bodied babe just drives me nuts, and Zana is just simply one of the best. Yes, she makes funny sounds when she's having sex -- but it's pretty damn sexy once it grows on you :)

Carolyn Monroe virtual Lap Dance"Are you ready for a groovy trip?" Hot MILF Carolyn Monroe takes you back to the 60's as she dances naked to the acid colors and funky sunglasses.

Laurie Wallace Virtual Lapdance Sweet party girl Laurie Wallace does her playful, charming and super sexy routine as she moves like no one else can.

Think Pink with Carolyn Monroe"So honey, do you lke pink?"

Jessica Drake Virtual Lap Dance "As queen of hearts, it's my pleasure to thank you for your service to the realm!"

Dawn's Virtual Lap Dance "Ooohhh...I see what you want!" Dawn's dressed for the beach but her "boyfriend" is a little reluctant to go out. Dawn figures he's just hungry for some loving so it's time to give some up as she does a sexy lap dance. Soon, she's stripped out of her bikinis and ready for the jacuzi.

Vicki Valentine Virtual Lapdance "Hi emperor. Are you ready for your last conquest?"

Taylor St. Claire Virtual Lap Dance 2 "I have a better idea of something you can do with your tongue" Taylor St. Claire looks mean and sexy in her police woman outfit as she does her thing in the line-up room.

Tall Goddess Virtual Lap Dance This tall blonde euro babe with mischievous look in her eyes moves like a snake just before leaping to swallow its prey. But somehow you just can't run away! Whatever she does, you're helpless from the fact that you just want to see more!

Youl'll Take a Shine to Monique Alexander "So is there anything you want buffed?" Shoe-shine girl Monique Alexander makes you choose betwen having your shoes shined and getting a lap dance. What a tough choice.

Monique Alexander Virtual Lap Dance 2 "Let me show you I'm right for the part." Monique Alexander wants this part and she wants it bad, so she strips and dances her way to prove she's got just the body and the moves you're looking for.

Rebecca Love Virtual Lap Dance "You don't talk much, do you? Well let me show you how I work." Although this clip isn't real great quality, it still shows you Rebecca Love's got a nice set of tits, a real sweet face and a charming personality. Er I meant she has a real sexy looking pussy.

Melody's Virtual Lap Dance "Did you bring the wood?" Melody's got her hand in the toolbox but she's short one tool -- and she's lookin' at you for some satisfaction

Lorna Morgan's Virtual Lap Dance 2 "Before your bath, let's get dirty" Lorna Morgan does a hot lap dance dangling her huge tits before taking her bath.

Lisa Ann's Virtual Lap Dance "I'm gonna help you achieve personal success through reaching your inner life force." Hot tanned bodied MILF Lisa Ann is your ultimate psychic who helps you with your troubles by showing you her tits and ass.

Laurie Wallace Virtual Lap Dance 3 Laurie Wallace is your sweet mushroom fairy. She appears from thin air and then proceeds to make your dream come true.

Kyli Ryan's Virtual Lap Dance "Oh my gosh! Let me clean that up for you..." Kyli Ryan spills a drink in her boss's office, and in order to make up for her blunder, does a sexy lap dance.

Kira Reed's Virtual Lap Dance 2 I think we have to increase the flexibility a little bit here." Kyra Reed is your gym teacher and she teases the hell out of you with her nakedness in the abandoned gym locker.

Ryan Conner's Virtual Lap Dance "You play with an over-sized racket?" Blonde girl-next-door Ryan Conner's your nemesis on the tennis court but that all change when she starts stripping off all her clothes, and all your eyes can focus on is her big tits and her big round butt.

Jamie Lynn's Virtual Lap Dance "So you passed your test. Will you give all your worldly possessions to me?" Jamie Lynn is your spiritual guide so let her enlighten you and show you the path to hotter sex with hotter women :)

Erica Campbell's Virtual Lap Dance "I'll lap dance for Danni any day." Erica Campbell lap dances for Danni Ashe. Erica Campbell is sure charming with her teenage looks that comes with huge hooters, just killer body all 'round. Plus she knows how to move...and that makes her one of Danni's best girls to date.

Danni and Zoe in "Tingle all the Way" Zoe: "They called me jingle boobs..." Danni Ashe says: "Ohhh.. that wasn't very nice, was it?" But.. Danni Ashe being the friendly gal that she is knows just how to cheer Zoe up.. with some serious tit sucking and cunt licking! Soon Zoe is as happy and horny as she can possibly be.

Crissy Moran's Virtual Lap Dance "I need to get over this shyness so I'm ready to try the excercise that you suggested"...says Crissy Moran as she lays on the psychiatrist's couch. And how do you get rid of shyness? To strip naked and dance of course! And Crissy Moran does just that.

Chelsea Blue's Virtual Lap Dance "I guess I'm going to have to show you my feathers." Try not to get too taken by Chelsea Blue's exotic european charm as she plays the "french maid" role, she is hot!

Brittany Love's Virtual Lap Dance "Hi, I'm Brittany Love. And when I suffer from the occassional dryness, I don't use this crap [throws away a package of someting lol] I give a lap dance." And what a lap dance! She sure knows what she's doing.

Bettie Ballhaus's Virtual Lap Dance "Would you like to play with my balloons?" Betti Ballhaus indeed has a nice full set of "balloons" you can play with. She's not the best dancer in the world and her English isn't great, but her bubbly personality and dead-on MILF appearance will win you over.

Avy Scott's Virtual Lap Dance Avy Scott wins an award but cant be there to accept it in person, so...she makes a little virtual lap dance videos to show her appreciation to everyone who voted for her.

Avy Scott's Virtual Lap Dance 2 Avy Scott's the cook and you're the meal. Yes, she'll eat you alive and you will like it! Avy Scott look hot in this video even before she takes anything off.

Aria Giovanni and Erica Campbell Aria Giovanni and Erica Campbell gives each other an oilly rub down. They drop their silky oriental robes, pour oil on each other's naked bodies and then they get loat in each other's arms and kisses...

Angel Cassidy's Virtual Lap Dance "So, you think you have what it takes to be a United States Marine, maggot?!" Ohh Angel Cassidy pretending to be a marine sargeant is scary! She's not so scary once she's butt naked though, kinda sweet actually...almost.

Amber Michaels' Virtual Lap Dance "Thank you for supporting your local police" Amber Michaels thanks her lawyer for a job well done (or about to be done).

Alexa Adare's Virtual Lap Dance "I wasn't gonna steal your secret thingie! I was just gonna polish it." Alexa Adare's blonde hair, intense eyes and big boobs is a nice contrast to her friendly persona. By the way, those sunglasses she's got on are pretty cool.

Nikki Nova's Virtual Lap Dance "I love to make things grow. And I do it by creating my own special vibe." One of Nikki Nova's many hot videos. Nikki Nova lap dances for Danni Ashe as she occassionally runs her tongue on Danni Ashe's nipples.

Veronika Zemanova's Virtual Lap Dance Gorgeous Veronika Zemanova makes an appearance on Danni's Hotbox as she does a sultry lap dance for Danni Ashe.

Nikki Loren and Hollie Stevens in "The Love Den" Nikki Loren and Hollie Stevens stars in this Danni Ashe feature scene. Couple of chicks in the 60's bored out of their minds, so they whip out their 20 inch long pink transparent dildo and let it all hang out.

Danni and Avy Scott Face off in "Busty Foosball Hooligans"

Crissy Taylor's Virtual Lapdance Cute Crissy Talyor gets tired of her exercise and decides to cool off with a little lap dance.

Aimee Sweet, Aria Giovanni and Erica Campbell in "Hazing Amy" Ohhh...scary and very sexy. Aimee Sweet must pass Aria Giovanni and Erica Campbell's nasty initiation rites or be forever barred from their circle of trust. Watch Aimee Sweet objey their every commend to pass the test!

Lana Lotts' Virtual Lap Dance Lana isn't really my type but she does have huge sets of boobs that look real. And sometimes huge tits can be pretty blindning...

Jamie Lynn's Virtual Lap Dance 2 Jamie Lynn's your not-so-typical little-miss-riding hood, looking for the ride of her life! And you may get yours too in the process.

Kelly Madison, Sandee Westgate, Penny Flame, Jelena Jensen in "Wet T-Shirt Contest" A preview of a feature video of four hot babes getting wet and naked. If you like Penny Flame, Kelly Madison, Sandee Westgate and Jelena Jensen, you'll love this one.

Ananda St. James' Virtual Lap Dance See this ebony hottie strut her stuff!

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