Kira Reed Virtual Lapdance Video Preview #1: Wet Suit

"So, hows the wet-suit fit, skipper? It looks a little...loose!" Kira Reed's ready to take a little dip in the ocean, but before she goes for her swim, she has a few things she likes to show you...I dunno, Kira Reed's boobs just drive me nuts.

Kira Reed's Virtual Lap Dance Video Preview

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Vid caps of Kira Reed's virtual lap dance video preview from Danni's Hard Drive
Kira Reed pondering

Kira Reed: "So how's the wet-suit fit, skipper?"

Kira Reed's breasts

Kira Reed's irresistible set of breasts

Kira Reed masturbating!

Kira Reed's shorts looking TIGHT!

Kira Reed closeup

Kira Reed feeling her pussy get wet

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